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Chuck Hellings Named Honorary H.A.M. President & inducted as a Lifetime Member !




The Chuck Hellings Benefit Fly
was a great success!

Although the weather tried to dampen things a little early in the morning, the rain cleared up and the event went off just about perfectly!

In addition to the monies raised, which was significant to say the least, having Chuck back at the field that he loves so much was simply the best possible thing to have happened.

Thanks to all the HAM members who participated and volunteered. Without you all we would not have been able to pull this event off.

There were some great flights by Rolando Perez and even a special surprise from Brian Gafford. Not many HAM members have had the chance to enjoy the smell of Kero...!

Some other R/C Clubs were so generous that words cannot describe what they did for Chuck. Some clubs came from hundreds of miles away to surprise us with amazing donations.

Thanks to everyone, the members, the helpers, the vendors, the manufacturers, the pilots, the spectators and my biggest thank to the Hellings family for bringing our buddy back out to "HIS" field.

We all really miss you Chuck...



I wanted to share with you all the Fundraiser webpage that Mark Lackey set up for Chuck Hellings.

Please visit the following link -
We hope all of you can donate something to help a great man, a great friend and an avid member of the modeling community.

We all know times are tough these days, myself included, but all it takes is the price of a gallon of fuel, or a propeller. Please find it in your heart to donate ONE SINGLE DOLLAR or the cost of a DLE170, whichever you can afford! There is NO donation too small or too large. The proceeds will GO DIRECTLY to the Hellings family.

When you are finished donating here, please remember that on October 4th, 2014 we are having the Chuck Hellings Benefit Fly at Hernando Aero Modelers field.
We hope you can join as and enjoy the day supporting a man who means so much to every member of Hernando Aero Modelers R/C Club.

Once again that link is -

Our sincerest thanks to you...


CLICK HERE To download a printable .pdf version of the flyer below

or you can copy and paste the address below into your browser - Benefit Fly.pdf

Please print these out, pass them around, mail them to friends, drop them by your local club, just take a minute to get the
word out about THEE fundraiser event to be part of, The Chuck Hellings Benefit Fly on Saturday Oct 4th, 2014.


As many of you know, on February 1st, 2014 a tragic event occurred...

H.A.M. President Chuck Hellings was out at “his” field, the Hernando Aero Modelers (H.A.M.) field, flying one of his favorite airplanes, his Ultra Stick.

When you saw Chuck flying, he almost always did so with a grin on his face. Not just a normal little grin that I think we all can say we share a bit of when we are flying. No, this was almost always a devilish grin I would say. You know the sort of smile a young kid may have when he gets away with a little something he shouldn’t have! Chuck’s grin could perhaps be described as his way of saying… “this is more fun than a man should be allowed to have”. That was Chuck’s grin.

While enjoying that gorgeous day with not a cloud in sight, boring holes in the sky at will, Chuck lost visual contact with his airplane after what some have suggested was him accidentally flying his airplane directly thru the sun. As many of you know, on those days when the sky is such a bold blue, the air is cool & crisp, the sun is an absolute laser beam of intensity with no clouds to block it. It is not hard to lose your sight momentarily after looking directly into the sun like that.

What happened next was as devastating as it was bizarre. The Ultra Stick was heading right for him, unbeknownst to Chuck. From my own personal experience of flying thru a winter sun low in the sky burning seemingly so much brighter than normal, it takes a fair amount of time to regain your vision. The Ultra Stick was closing in on Chuck much faster than he could regain his vision or at the very least, reacquire the airplane. The airplane impacted Chuck in his head knocking him unconscious instantly. That impact and resulting injury to him was a life changing event.

Chuck survived the accident, but his life will forever be different. In that one instant, that one blink of an eye, a man who provided so much for his own family & friends and to our club, was suddenly in need of help himself. Several club members tended to him at the scene. There was no discussion or guesswork. They went right to work doing everything possible until the medical personnel could arrive and transport Chuck to the hospital.

After everything Chuck has done for his H.A.M. brothers, it’s OUR turn to give back to him. Enter the “Chuck Hellings Benefit Fly”…

On October 4th, 2014 we are going to have an event, a party, an air show, a gathering of fellow flyers who share the same passion as Chuck does, to benefit the man who means so much to us. H.A.M. was his passion, it was his love. He took more pride in our field and our club than anyone I have ever seen before. Now it’s our turn to show him how much we take pride in him for who he is and what he stands for.

All the net proceeds will go directly to the Hellings Family. We want you to come and be charitable. We want you to come fly and enjoy the day with us and be generous. If every H.A.M. member and everyone who attends the event can see their way clear to donate $100, $50 or even $20, the presentation to the Hellings Family can be significant and we can make a difference for a man who made such a difference to us.

Please join us on October 4th 2014 at the Hernando Aero Modelers Flying Field in Brooksville, FL starting at 7am. Landing Fee $15. Spectators $5 or $10 a car load. Gates open at 7am. Pilots meeting at 8am. Open flying begins thereafter. 50/50, Games, Raffles, Prizes! The H.A.M.Burger Grill will be open for business providing great food, cold drinks, snacks, coffee, water & more!

Please, find it in your heart to come out and support this event and help the family of a fallen fellow R/C enthusiast in need...

Event Date: October 4th, 2014
Event Start Time: 7am
Pilots Meeting: 8am
Event Location: H.A.M. FIELD
Event Cost: $15 Landing Fee
Spectators: $5 / $10 Carload

For More Information, including Vendor / Donation information please contact:

John Dasch
Email John
352-606-3972 (M-F 9am to 5pm)
352-293-1157 (After Hours)

Mark Lackey
Email Mark




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